New Beginnings

It’s a new year and with the calendar turning over to 2014 comes the flurry of short-lived resolutions, plans, and expectations. I’ve never really gotten on board with resolutions because it seems as though everyone makes a huge push to change right away, but after the excitement wears off life goes back to being lived as normal. My opinion.However, I’ve been spending some time reflecting on 2013 and what I’d like to see different in this coming year.

I’m going to get in the habit of posting regularly and using this blog to promote my photography and artwork, as well as my life as a farm girl and being the sweetheart of a ranch boy. Balancing this crazy busy, amazing life with many other hobbies and working a [more than] full-time job as a parts girl at a local implement dealer will make it a once a week post, with a few extra, random posts here and there when the circumstances allow.

jdlogo - Copy

I’d like to take this moment to announce that I am a John Deere girl, and always will be, even though I’m surrounded by New Holland tractors. But I bleed green. And Husker red. Which kinda makes me resemble Christmas all year round. Anyway….

Along with the previous statement, I’m going to find more time to get my art supplies out and draw, paint, and make prints along with expanding my photography. I didn’t spend four years in college for a degree that won’t turn a profit!

I’m going to watch my budget more closely. I’m regretting my past a little because the years I’ve lived with my folks after my mom blew her knee out, I should’ve found a good paying job right away to save money hand over fist while in a small expense situation. I loved my part time jobs, but a couple hundred dollars a week just doesn’t really save up. So I’m going to try and make up for lost time and hoard that stuff away!

Looking back on 2013, I’m completely humbled by how much God blessed me in 365 short days.

  • My relationship with my baby sister went from semi-rocky over an unintentional misunderstanding to a newer, deeper mutual respect for each other as we grow into the women we’re meant to be. We’re still working on fixing hurt feelings and trust, but each day is better and more similar to the closeness we used to experience.
  • I found my best friend and the love of my life in a neighbor boy just down the road. 26 years of waiting and hoping and praying and frustration and trying to trust God’s plans resulted in Him providing the man who is exactly what I ever wanted and more than I could have ever dreamed. Each day we’re together brings a smile to my face and a prayer of thanks through my heart.
  • I went on an amazing two week trip to Scotland, where much of my family heritage is buried. Some dear friends and I did a flying sightseeing trip of practically the entire country, and I’m ready to go back and really delve into the culture.
  • I stuck out a terribly boring, soul-sucking job needed to pay off said trip that God provided with, and was later rewarded with another company approaching me, asking me to apply. I’m now around the agricultural people I grew up around and love, and back into the farming lifestyle. I may not be driving the tractors myself, but at least I’m dealing with what is in my blood.
  • I watched my little sister graduate nursing school and step out into adult life confidently with a grace and humility that is beyond comprehension. I watched her deal with heartache of her own and blossom as God is providing for her in ways that amaze us both.
  • I’ve gone on vacations with my Cowboy and others and had a wonderful time watching the final round of the National Finals Rodeo,etc. but I’ve also filled my days with special moments. With long conversations with my mom, helping dad out in the fields, shopping and having girl days with my sisters, and riding along in tractors and ranch pickups, just being with the Cowboy. Moments like that were the best; living life while enjoying all the little moments that memories are made of.

I am truly blessed.


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