The Single Person’s Least Favorite Day

I’ve started this post and deleted it, and started it again, and deleted it again. Wrote it out in my head, typed it out and realized it read differently than it thought.

Friday is Valentine’s Day, people. And it’s coming fast. Even faster because I procrastinated on this post.

Maybe it’s because this upcoming holiday has always been my least favorite. The only good thing about Valentine’s Day was February 15 and I could buy all the dark chocolate I wanted for a buck a box.

I haven’t completely jumped ship on Forced Affection Day, but I can now tolerate it better than I used to. It ranks next to New Years for me. Why should people make it a point to show love on one day because it’s the national norm?

Now, I’d never turn down flowers, chocolate, and romance. Believe me.

Especially not from the sexiest Cowboy in the world.

But instead of getting something on a day you expect to, I love a handful of flowers on a random day. A box of chocolate as we walk through the store, hand in hand. A picture of an interesting cactus he found.

He was going to give the whole thing to me when he got home, but decided the pokes weren’t worth it and settled for a picture of it instead. Welcome to cowboy romance, everyone.

I’ll post a picture of that cactus and the caption he put on it when I can find it. It’s stored…somewhere.

Last Valentine’s Day, the Cowboy and I were barely together a month when the holiday rolled around, and we hadn’t yet made our relationship public. I must admit, I had the butterflies of a newly no-longer-single girl as the holiday grew closer.

The Cowboy’s little brother had district wrestling that day and I hadn’t been invited to ride along…he was still too shy to ask me, I think. So I spent the holiday alone, no big deal. It had happened all the other times February came along.

Of course I got a phone call and a text of him, (smiling!), telling me Happy Valentine’s Day.

And the night they got home, my Cowboy showed up at my door with a heart shaped box of chocolates hidden under his coat.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since that day already. A year since he shyly pulled the candy out and presented it to me, telling me how much he’d missed me over the weekend.

There’s district wrestling again this year. But I’m invited along. While I know it can’t be a wonderfully romantic day in a high school gym watching sports, I’m excited to see what my Cowboy does for me. I know he’ll do something special.

And there’s always next year when there won’t be any more wrestling. You never know what he has in mind for a day when we don’t have to be somewhere. I’m looking forward to that, too.

Now I’m no expert on anything. I can’t give marriage advice because I’m not married. I can’t really even give relationship advice because I’ve only had the girlfriend status for a year. I do know the pain of being single, especially on Valentine’s Day. And I still hate the cliche sayings people give you to make you feel better.

All I know is what’s in my heart and what I’m led to write.

So, whether you’re happily married, or an excited new girlfriend. Whether you’re the mother of three little girls going through a terrible divorce with a breaking heart, or the young man at work who only “tolerates” his wife, says nothing about her with any shred of love or respect, and is only staying with her for their three year old’s sake, or the old couple who just advised me to never her married because it’s not worth it, this is for you.

If you remember one thing this Friday, please remember this.

You are loved.

And it’s a love deeper than a bouquet of roses and a box of candy.

There’s Someone who loves you so much he bore a cross for you 2,000 years ago to demonstrate the depth of his love. And He’s close no matter what you’re going through.

And, you know what, I love you too.


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