The Beginning of Happily Ever After

Marty proposed on my birthday yesterday! It was my “golden” birthday…(when did this fad start? Since when is turning the age of your birthday day a big deal?) and I guess he was planning on making it a bigger deal.

I spent my birthday evening with him after work. I was hoping I’d get a ring, but didn’t want to expect too much so I wouldn’t be crushed when it didn’t happen. 

He said there was fence that needed checking when I got to the ranch and that we could take the horses or just run up there on the four wheeler real quick. It was a decent day so I chose the horses. He switched coats because one was “too hot” which I thought was strange since he was wearing what he usually wears and it was only going get cooler as the sun went down, but I was trying not to anticipate too much.

Turns out “our” two horses were already saddled. Kind of suspicious, again. But he said he had been going to trim hooves and just hasn’t gotten to it that day. I again tried to believe him and not jump to conclusions.

We rode for a couple of hours just talking and enjoying the day and each other, and ended up on one of my favorite hills with a huge valley stretching below. It’s my favorite view on the ranch – one of the highest points in Sheridan County, and an enormous valley stretches to either direction. The distance is so great, it’s always slightly hazy and blue and its utterly peaceful and quiet. It actually reminds me very much of Scotland.

I’d said earlier how I hadn’t gotten any presents yet because all my family had to work so we were celebrating Sunday, other than the flowers Marty had sent to me at work.

As we were resting the horses, he again verified, “So no other presents, huh?” I said no and he said “Well I got you one more.” He pulled a little black jewelry box out of his coat pocket, and when I asked “What’s this?” Knowing full well what it was, he simply replied “this is me asking you to spend the rest of your life with me.”

No frills, no fancy speech. Just how I like things. He picked the ring out all by himself and its perfect. I didn’t want one that looked like everyone else’s: one big stone with smaller ones surrounding it, etc. Definitely not a solitaire that stands up half an inch. I never once showed him my preference or told him what I didn’t like. He did it all on his own and it’s so me. 

I’m going to be a Glassgow!