Pages of time just keep turning…

Back in June, a dear friend (and probably the only follower of this blog) told me I should keep writing.

And I should.

And I will.

I know I’m always saying, “I’m going to make it a habit to write every week….this time I swear I will!” and the like. I do mean it and I do intend to get this blog going more and use it to promote my artwork, photography and [future] ranch-wife life.

But at the moment, the frenzy of life has caught me. I’m swamped with planning for a wedding, practicing music for a wedding, preparing crafts and art for the annual show I sell at, a nine-hour-a-day work week, freelance art and design, and studying hundreds of pages of letters for a court case I have to witness for. A dear friend is facing a terrible court battle to free herself and her three baby girls from the influence and clutches of an evil, abusive man.

Just going to court because a girl backed into my car in college was enough to freak me out five years ago. A custody case based around years of abuse? God only knows how this woman has been through all this on her own. I don’t know if I’d have the strength to press on the way she has.

So that’s what my life has been revolving around lately.

Life at the parts counter has increased in business exponentially with farming and haying getting into full swing, so I don’t have time to write in the slow minutes like I used to.

In two weeks, part of the scramble will be over and life will be moving forward. Not slowing down. It never does. Just new adventures waiting around every corner.

On a happier note, this is also what life has been giving me.

Beautiful days spent with beautiful friends taking pictures with the love of my life: my very own cowboy.


The honeymoon is booked and I’m SO excited! Mountains…in the winter…hopefully just a light snow to get the perfect atmosphere. Twinkling lights. And (if possible) a sleigh ride to the top of the mountain for a romantic dinner. The perfect start to the rest of my life with The Cowboy.

And added to my bucket list is to be in said city/mountains for their annual “lighting of the town” in December. Can you imagine? The whole town lit up with sparkling lights, soft snow falling [hopefully], bundled up in cute hats and mittens and boots while carolers sing “Silent Night” while the tree in the town’s square is lit?

Gives me goosebumps to imagine. But I’m a total sucker for Christmas anyway. And it’s on my bucket list. I might have to go more than once.


One thought on “Pages of time just keep turning…

  1. Tamara says:

    It’s going to be a lovely honeymoon. i smiled reading your description; may it be dreams come true, as the beginning to the new, wonderful journey of marriage.

    I’m glad you’re still writing. Life is hectic and there often isn’t time to write. That’s just reality. But, when the words come, be sure to write them. It can be a balm to the soul or guidance revealed during the process of recording those thoughts. You have a gift 🙂

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