Who I Am

My name is Abby.IMG_0396-Edit

I’m a farm girl, born and raised in the Nebraska sandhills. I grew up in the sunkissed wheat fields and open prairies, dreaming of adventures and maybe a Cowboy of my very own.

A quarter of a century (plus one year) passed and I was still looking for that special Cowboy, so I made plans to leave the Nebraska plains for the mountains of Colorado. It was time to search for a new adventure, and guess who came riding into the scene. Not some dark, mysterious stranger in a wide-brimmed hat, but a country boy I grew up with. A boy whose sister was in my dance class, a boy who took music lessons from the same teacher I did. A boy whose parents grew up with my mom. A boy who grew up having every single quality I wanted in the Cowboy of my Dreams.

Needless to say, Colorado is no longer a part of my future. I’ll be staying in the Nebraska plains with its huge, dark skies full of stars, looking forward the time I get to spend with my Cowboy.

And, of course, finding the greatest adventure of all.


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